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On The Bit Schooling Show Committee Meeting – February 2015

On February 16, 2015, the Schooling Show Committee met for lunch. In attendance was Jessica, Rachel, Connie, Tammy, and Stephanie. Discussion was as follows: Dressage Ring Windy Wyoming is willing to loan us their ring. A ring is too expensive for us to be able to afford our own this year. Jessica will look at the ring Windy Wyoming has and make sure it ... More

On The Bit Meeting – February 2015

At 7:20 pm, February 3, 2015, President Jessica Ford called the meeting to order. In attendance was: Stephanie Gies, Amanda Dorrell, Rachel Andreus, Anna Chalfoun, Jennifer Holroyd, Connie Woodruff, Austen Samet, Mary Jung, Kelly Wolfe, Jessica Ford, Tammy Au-France, Mary Lynne Munn, and Ginka Kubelka. Old Business Tammy read the minutes from the ... More