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Let’s Talk Horse Blankets

The last few days have quickly reminded us that winter is coming.  As we prepare for colder weather, it's time to start thinking about our horse blankets.  Maybe you invested last winter and your blankets are still in great shape.  If so, lucky you!  It's always a good idea to give blankets a wash before you store them, but in case you didn't, there's ... More

On The Bit Meeting – October 2015

We met at Stephanie Gies' house on October 6, 2015, at 7:00.  In attendance were Jessica N., Tammy, Jessica F., Kelly, JJ, Ginka, Mary Lynn, Jennifer H., Jane Swanhorst, Grace Hodges, Connie, Rachel, Anna, and Stephanie. At 7:45 the meeting was called to order.  Jessica read the minutes from the September meeting.  Anna noted that Martha's correct ... More