On The Bit Meeting – April 2017

The meeting was held April 4, 2017 at Altitude Chophouse.  In attendance were:  Ginka, Kelly, JJ, Connie, Pam, Tom, Stephanie, and Irina Weese.

Ginka called the meeting to order and read the minutes from the March meeting.  Correction for the cost of Spur Ridge/donation amount – they will donate $250, leaving the cost to the club of $100.  Tack swap time is 1-4pm.  Kelly moved to accept the minutes as amended.  Pam seconded.

Old Business

Schooling Show

Jessica was ill, so we didn’t have an update.

Kentucky Derby Party

Stephanie provided an update.  Invitations and posters are done and were passed out to members to distribute.  We had the contract for UW to review and sign.  Tom will review and sign and get Stephanie a check to take to UW.

Julep cups – can we get them engraved with the OTB logo?  Kelly will ask Star awards the cost.  We can sell them if people want them rather than just having them available for drinks.

DVD – Ginka reported that it is not easy to find a dressage DVD, but she is still looking.

Stephanie will email about a committee meeting next week.

Tack Swap

Spur Ridge is providing the lobby at no charge.  We have flyers put up and on Facebook.

Chamber Business Alliance

We discussed members’ thoughts on becoming a member of the Chamber.  There was some concern about the cost and whether it would make sense for us given that there aren’t a lot of similar non-profits who are members.  Some members thought a 3 month trial made more sense for us to see if we get enough benefit from it.  Kelly will talk to Josie about that.  Stephanie moved to do a 3 month trial, Kelly 2nd.  Stephanie encouraged members to keep track and decide if we think it is worth it when our trial membership ends so we know if we want to renew.


Irina Weese was present to discuss our desire to have a colic seminar.  She would charge $150 for 45-60 minute presentation.  We discussed possible dates and whether we wanted to add it to a regular meeting.  We decided to do it on a separate night and try to get the public to attend.  We decided on June 7th.  Kelly will check on location options.  We will charge $15 per person and everyone can bring snacks like we did for the Banned Substances seminar.  Kelly moved to hold the seminar as discussed.  Tom seconded.

Equine First Aid – Kelly reported on her findings.  She found a woman who would do 4 hours of instruction and 4 hours of hands on experience.  She would then issue us certificates.  The cost would be $150/person.  Irina suggested talking to previous attendees to see their thoughts.  The general consensus was it was too expensive and we didn’t want to dedicate 8 hours to the topic.  Kelly will look at other options that are less expensive.

New Business


We need to let Stephanie know of upcoming clinics so she can get them on the events page of the website.

May 20 is a Ride-A-Test in Cheyenne at Jane’s house

On the Levels

We will host a movie night on Thursday May 18th at Stephanie’s house to watch On The Levels.  6:00 for pot luck with wine, cheese, and popcorn.  Wear your lounge clothes for a fun and relaxing evening.


Kelly moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:45.  Stephanie seconded.

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