On The Bit Meeting – February 2017

Minutes from February OTB Meeting

Monday, February 13

Meeting was called to order at 7:20 and the minutes read.  Present were Ginka, Steph, Mary Lynn, Kelly, Tom, and Anna.

Steph moved to approve minutes, Mary Lynn seconded.

Treasurer’s report was read by Tom: First deposit was made by Tom on Feb. 13 which was $290 from RMDS. No money was spent since the last meeting. The club’s current balance is $5,237.86. The new 2017 member roster was passed around.

Kelly moved to accept the Treasurer’s report. Stephanie seconded.

Old Business

Schooling Show 

No one was present from the show committee.  Connie had talked to Julie Hagan. She could judge during the weekend of July 21-22, but not the weekend before (which also conflicted with Jubilee days).

Ginka looked at the USDF and USEA schedules and there are no major shows nearby during the weekend of July 21-22.

Julie would charge $250 for the day for judging.

If we wanted to hold a clinic, Julie indicated a minimum of 6 rides, at $50 per lesson. So if we could get more rides the club could profit.

Ginka will contact Julie to obtain more details about additional costs such as travel.

All were in favor of booking Julie Haegen for July 21-22 (Kelly moved, Anna seconded).

Ginka can get the schooling show on the RMDS website at no charge. To get the prize list included as a link though would be $20. Stephanie thinks not posting the prize list (i.e., list of classes) may have limited our attendance in the past?

Ginka will confirm that Spur Ridge would be available as a location July 21-22.

Kentucky Derby Fundraiser

The Kentucky Derby is May 6.  The committee met and talked about locations.  They decided that they liked idea of the Wildcatter. The cost to rent the Wildcatter is $2500. Stephanie’s mom Denise and Tom will talk to Tom Burman to see if we can get the price down.

Denise thought we could do food for $10/person with cash bar and maybe one drink ticket?

We could also do an auction/raffle? We probably shouldn’t charge more than $50 per person. But the event needs to be nice enough to attract sufficient attendance. Tom suggested to maybe charge less ($25) to attract more and lose less?

Discussion ensued about effective marketing. Kelly will contact the Chamber of Commerce to see if we should become a member to advertise through them.

Tom emphasized that we need sponsors for this event and the show. Premier would contribute $500.

By next meeting the committee should have a better idea of costs (venue, sponsors etc.).

Tom mentioned the thought that it might be worth aiming to just break even this year and get it on the community calendar as a regular event?

Caterer would have to be Altitude or UW. So would we need a variance for having hard liquor?

Tom suggested running numbers for 50-75 people.

Dressage arena

No new info.

New Business

The group agreed that it would be good to reach potential new members and make the club more visible in the community. Tom suggested having an information booth at the Kentucky derby party.

Ginka suggested having a meeting agenda in reminder emails. We could also be more proactive about advertising events that the club is putting on.

Kelly suggested that we form additional focal committees.  We could include those committee options on email reminders so folks have more explicit direction about how they could get involved.  Stephanie concurred with the notion of breaking things up into manageable chunks.

Stephanie brought up the idea of doing a tack/clothing sale/exchange. Ginka inquired as to whether we should try to make money off it or just do a fun event to attract folks? Group consensus was to just do it for free to obtain exposure.  We could make it a community equestrian event, and have a donation jar for the club, and information pamphlets. We could put up flyers at places such as Murdochs, and make sure the UW team is informed.

Possible date discussed was April 22 (Earth day- reduce, reuse, recycle your tack?).

Ginka suggested we might do more things to attract folks beyond dressage? Kelly mentioned Gymkana?

Ginka asked whether there was interest in meeting occasionally to discuss the theory of dressage, such as the proper use of aids etc.  We could tie these events to meetings, and those interested could convene 30-60 minutes prior to the meetings.  We could also brainstorm additional educational ideas. Stephanie suggested that we select one idea a month? Kelly said she had someone (Reilly) who would love to come do a horse first aid clinic. Mary Lynn mentioned the topic of construction of freestyle. Kelly will talk to Reilly for next month’s meeting (at 6 p.m.)

Next meeting will be held on Tuesday March 7th.

Kelly moved to adjourn at 8:44 p.m. Anna Seconded.

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