On The Bit Meeting – January 2017

The January meeting was held at Altitude Chophouse on January 3, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. In attendance were Ginka, Anna, Stephanie, Connie, Jennifer, Tammy, and Robert. Ginka called the meeting to order at 7:25 p.m.

Ginka read the minutes from the November meeting. Tammy suggested to add the names of the new officers to the minutes. Stephanie seconded. Minutes were accepted with this amendment.

Ginka reminded the group that OTB officers must renew their membership by January 12, 2017.

Tammy provided the Treasurer’s report. The Club currently has a balance of $4927.86. We earned $80 from the holiday party raffle. We spent $51.95 on the 2016 RMDS raffle basket. In 2015, our income was $2175.85, and expenses totaled $1227.62 for a net profit of $948.27. In 2016 our income was $1771.62 and expenses were $1246.27 (minus pending sweatshirt invoice) for a net profit of $525.35.

Old Business

2017 Schooling Show

Potential judges for the next OTB schooling show were discussed. Julie Hagen was suggested. She lives in Loveland so would be convenient. But she may be an r judge now which could affect cost. Connie said she would contact Julie. Connie read off some names of potential L judge options from the RMDS website. There were 16 L judges listed. The show committee needs to determine prices of different judges.

The date for the show was then discussed. July 15 and 16 were determined as good dates as there were no other RMDS shows scheduled for that weekend, and only 1 USEA event but in Monument, CO. Ginka will ask Beth Geier about getting our dates established on the RMDS calendar.

The facility for the show will be Spur Ridge. Jessica will ask what the owners will charge. The daily cost is usually $300 but the owners may donate the cost again.

We discussed whether we should have a clinic or ride-a-test event before or after the schooling show. Jessica said that instructors will charge different rates for clinic lessons versus ride-a-test judging and will want to know in advance, so we need to decide on an option.

Kentucky Derby Party (Fundraiser)

Stephanie is the chairperson for the Kentucky derby party committee and said she would convene the committee shortly.

Board of Governor’s Meeting

Tammy and Ginka attended the Board of Governor’s meeting in Denver. Ginka passed along the following pertinent reminders and announcements:

The 2016 Awards banquet is January 14th and attendees must RSVP by the 10th.

The Education Committee reported that there would be a TD/show management session on February 4th in Castle Rock.

The CO Horse Park is back in business, and during May 18-19 there will be a professionals symposium with a 2-day open clinic on May 20-21 with Lars Peterson.

The Dressage Symposium in the Rockies will be held during May 20-24 with Steffen Peters and Axel Steiner.

Remember that CO Horse Park requires a 7-day Health Certificate.

The adult amateurs team competition will be July 8 at Table Mountain Ranch

Championships will be Sept. 13-17 at CO Horse Park.

RMDS encouraged members to volunteer at RMDS events. If one wants to apply for an RMDS scholarship in the future, he/she would need a minimum of 8 volunteer hours logged.

Ginka has even more notes from the meeting so please contact her with questions.

New Business

Heather Peterson may have a used dressage arena for sale for $1200. Questions were raised such as where would we store it? How much does a new one cost? What condition is it in? Ginka will follow-up with Heather.

Ginka has the RMDS Chapter results from 2016.

Tammy mentioned the Science of Motion clinic to be held February 18 and 19 in Colorado Springs. Cost is $85 for one day and $160 for two.

Robert moved to adjourn at 8:39 p.m. and Stephanie seconded.

Our next meeting is February 7th at 7:00pm.

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