On The Bit Meeting – July 2016

The July meeting was held at J’s Steakhouse on July 12, 2016 at 7:00.  In attendance were Jessica F.,  Tammy, Stephanie, Mary Lynne, Connie, Ginka, Anna, Kelly, and Tom.  At 7:38 the meeting was called to order.

Jessica read the June minutes.  Kelly moved to accept the minutes, and Connie seconded the motion.  Motion passed. Tammy provided the Treasurer’s report.  We currently have a balance of $4,471.75.  The schooling show made $799.34.  Stephanie moved to approve the Treasurer’s report and Kelly seconded the motion.

A group of members are planning to attend the World Cup in Omaha in March 2017.  Tickets are $215/person for the dressage show on the lower level.  We are planning to car pool and share room costs.  If you’re interested, email info@onthebitdressage.com to let us know so we can buy all of our seats together.  Our goal is to buy tickets by August while they’re still available.

Old Business

Schooling Show

  • The Good:
    • the arena was very nice
    • the food was great
    • the lobby was very comfortable
  • The Bad
    • the warm-up area wasn’t great – too many rocks and too hard
      • the outdoor arena is going in at Spur Ridge now, so next year we will have an outdoor arena for warm up
    • we need more time between rides because Stephanie talked to every rider after their ride, which put us behind.  The 7 minutes we allocated was not enough
    • the show committee needs to be separate from the officers.  The officers will obviously still participate, but the entire burden can’t be on them.
  • Date/Entries
    • June is a good month for us even though our entries were down
    • Stephanie Soule mentioned that they have found that the weekend before and the weekend after the 4th of July don’t draw well.  People are busy getting ready for the holiday.  Our date was the weekend before, so that’s something to consider.
    • Maybe we need to reconsider a partnership with Cheyenne to draw on their expertise and help in a recognized show.  We should also revisit the Cheyenne dates for August as a possible weekend for us.

New Business


We need to separate our education goals from our fundraising goals because the education opportunities we have don’t bring in much money, even though we’ve been lucky enough to break even.

  • Fundraising Ideas
    • Horse rides at Happy Jack – 3 levels
    • Midnight Moonlight Ride
    • Dueling Pianos – the Soup Kitchen did this and it sold out very quickly.  It was incredibly popular
    • Hay Rides with Christmas Carols – maybe a good outreach idea, but probably not a fundraiser
    • Costume Bingo – our own spin on Drag Queen Bingo
  • Please come to the next meeting with fundraising ideas.  If you aren’t in Laramie, please email us your ideas!
  • Kelly volunteered to chair a dueling pianos fundraiser
  • Connie will chair anything bingo
  • Mary Lynne will chair anything drag queen related 🙂

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is August 2nd at 7:00.

Kelly moved to adjourn the meeting.  Stephanie seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:51.

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