On The Bit Meeting – July 2017

OTB Meeting Minutes, July 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:10. Ginka read the minutes.

Present were:  Ginka, Anna, Connie, Don and Karin Robbins, Kelly, Tom, Stephanie, Jessica, Mary Lynn.

Treasurer’s report (Tom):

Tom passed around a spreadsheet with an analysis going back to March. Current balance is $3840.98. We made $30 on the colic seminar, and received $50 from RMDS. There were $63.64 in merchant fees from using our Square account. Kelly moved to accept, Anna seconded.

Old Business:

Schooling Show:

Jessica’s update: Jessica presented the judges contract. Judge will cost $250 plus food, lodging and travel costs including a $35 per diem fee. Lessons will be $50 per lesson if minimum of 6 rides. Ginka will review and sign the venue (Spur Ridge) contract. $250 of spur ridge fee will be donated; remainder to be owed is $100. We held two show committee meetings.

Donations: Need to get to Jessica by Wednesday July 19th. We are planning on a silent auction.  We are going to include horse cookies with the entry packets, and Mary Lynn is preparing cold carrots. Silent auction: Anna and Connie mentioned several donations that they have obtained. Anna suggested that we have minimum bids especially because many of the items are valuable and we should do our best to capitalize on these generous gifts. Tom moved we have the minimum bids set as 40% of value. Stephanie seconded. Anna and Karin suggested that we include the value of the item and Karin suggested we could do a suggested minimum bid. We can ask donors for desired minimum bid, and if they don’t provide it, the person who obtained the bid can provide one. Stephanie suggested that we include bios of lesson etc. donators, and put gift in some sort of frame.

In terms of food vendors, Mary Lynn said that Bear Bait is busy that day. Kelly will contact double dubs. Kelly called during the meeting and he said he can be there from 7 to 2. Kelly will make sure he has coffee too, if not she has a big commercial coffee server she can bring.

We will provide lunch for volunteers that are there for half a day or more. They can order from Dubs and he can invoice us. Shout out to people to came out to help pick rocks. We will hold a meeting from 5-6 on Friday before the show for a volunteer meeting. Then at 6 p.m. we will set up the arena etc.

Entries:  Quite a few coming in, including some from 6 hours away. Folks heard about it through RMDS. Should have some new participants.

Anna is printing the tests.

Stephanie asked about lodging for the judge. She offered a room at her home for the judge. Kelly and Tom will ask the AmericInn to donate the room.

Remind folks to sign up for clinic with the judge. Talk to Connie or Jessica.

Anna had suggested having rides video-taped for learning purposes. Mary Jung will be out of town for the show. Stephanie will ask around. Ginka has a camera. Don can bring a standing tripod.

Jessica has contacted the fire dept. She asked whether we should ask Irina if she’d like to be on call. But she may be showing too. Do we need a farrier on call? Anna questioned whether folks would expect a farrier on call for a schooling show?  Connie suggested we could list some farriers as on-call in the program.

Anna asked whether we have all the volunteers we need for key tasks. Jessica indicated we have 8 volunteers. Stephanie asked whether she should ask Denise to help with the front desk again. Kelly can help with check-in too. Tom will help with scoring.

Ginka said RMDS still does not have the link up on the calendar with our prizelist and entry form. Jessica suggested that we therefore be refunded since the deadline for entries is almost upon us.

Stephanie inquired as to whether we need a specified lunge area? Jessica indicated that the outdoor arena should be spacious enough. Stephanie mentioned that one issue last year was not enough warm-up time given that we got behind schedule. Anna mentioned it would be nice to schedule such that horses have at least a couple of minutes to warm up in the dressage arena prior to their actual test. Stephanie suggested that we ask Julie how much time she would like between tests to talk to riders to assist with scheduling. We want this to be a positive experience!

Don inquired as to how many trailers might expect to come in? Might be confusing given the construction etc. as to where to park. Anna concurred; probably should have one of the volunteers coordinate parking in the morning.

Derby Party:

Stephanie checked, and the Wildcatter is not available for the Derby day in 2018 due to construction. Gateway center might be available but might be more expensive. Karin inquired as to whether any of the hotels have ballrooms? Stephanie will look into alternative venues.

Jubilee Days Beer Tent:

Volunteers needed  from 10-1. Jessica, Anna and Ginka volunteered.

Seminar on lameness with Steve Foxworth:

Connie talked to Nell and Steve would likely come up for seminar. We need details on cost and the content. Stephanie will talk to Nell to figure out costs and options. Kelly also has a contact (Nell Hanley) who could possibly give a seminar on horse foot anatomy if we are interested.

New Business:


Julie Leiken August 12th and 13th. Contact Ginka if want to reserve a space.

Nell Foxworth will likely be back in August sometime; Stephanie will update.


Mary Lynn mentioned that we haven’t done much community service to date. Perhaps we could do a helmet safety day with a concussion focus? There is a national helmet day in September? Karin mentioned maybe we could have a booth at the Thursday market at Undine one day. Peggy McCracken is contact. Karin also suggested Dog Days in the Park on August 27th. USEF has a helmet safety video. Mary Lynn suggested we form a small committee to research.

Stephanie also suggested a Christmas tree for the Art Museum. It could be horse themed. Murmers of excitement and agreement ensured.

Kelly motioned to adjourn at 9:01 p.m. Stephanie seconded.

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