On The Bit Meeting – June 2017

June OTB Meeting Minutes

Meeting held June 6th at Altitude Chophouse.

Meeting called to order at 7:22 p.m.

Present were Ginka, Anna, Stephanie, Kelly, Tom, Jessica, Mary Lynn.

Ginka read the minutes.

Jessica moved to accept the minutes. Stephanie seconded.

Treasurer’s report (Tom):  Current balance is $3749.40. Balance has decreased some from last month due to Derby party. Next Derby party need to estimate better for taxes and gratuity and additional wildcatter staff costs (approximately $250). Amount lost from budget was $789. Motion to accept report by Kelly; seconded by Jessica.

Old Business:

Derby Party:

Discussion about party:  Kelly’s feedback from 5 attendees she heard from was that we could have charged more money.  Other feedback was: nice venue, good food, fun to dress up. Stephanie emphasized we need advanced ticket sales.  We could do the same price as this year in advance, and $10 more at door. But word is out now. Anna questioned whether it would be a better strategy to not raise prices so we remain inclusive. Steph mentioned we could include music (bluegrass band?) next time. Group agreed was a great party! Consensus was we should try again next year to try to make it profitable. Could do a mailer to chamber members a couple of months ahead of time with a save-the-date. We should also start planning earlier (January). Let’s reserve the wildcatter now! Anna moved to have Steph reserve. Tom seconded. Would be nice to be able to better separate out how much money was made off betting cards. Stephanie indicated that she heard that people liked the diversity of the attendees.

Schooling Show:

We have insurance for the show and a prize list. Jessica mentioned that we could attach the prizelist to the RMDS entry form. Stephanie will send Jess the appropriate form. Connie has contacted Julie Haugen for contract. Jessica is working with owners of Spur Ridge for contract. Jessica suggested next Tuesday at 7 p.m. June 13th at Altitude for a show meeting. We need to start soliciting sponsors. Ginka has a flyer with club information. Jessica will send an email with sponsorship category proposal. Stephanie: we need to think outside box in terms of sponsors/support. Can’t always rely, for example, on Premier.  It would be nice if everyone could try to reach out to some new sponsors. Jessica will do show management the day of the event. Jessica will bring a pdf sign-up sheet for tasks.  The leftover ribbons are at Stephanie’s house. She will inventory. May need more of some places (first and second). Stephanie mentioned that we shouldn’t rely on the tack room for the prizes all the time. Could ask other places.  Anna suggested prizes are not necessary for a schooling show. Ginka asked whether we should include prizelist as an attachment for $20 charge on RMDS. Ginka will email to Beth when she receives joint file from Jess. Anna mentioned we should reach out to CO people (folks we have made personal contacts with) to market the show more. Ginka: Do we need an early sign-up for the clinic the next day? Bottom line: big thing is volunteers and sponsors. Arena from Windy Wyoming? Food truck? Notify vet and emergency services about event.

Chamber Business alliance:

Our membership expires around the end of this month. Kelly will find out the exact date. Do we want to continue? Tom thought it was a good resource for the Derby party. Jessica indicated the email list was helpful but probably not super critical to host a business after hours. Tom: The benefit of being a member of the business community goes beyond obtaining new members, as it could benefit us when soliciting sponsorships. Mary Lynn moved we join for the next year. We could do a trial year. Jess seconded. Cost would be $299 per year.

Colic seminar: 

The colic seminar will be held tomorrow, June 7 at 7 p.m. at Spur Ridge. We discussed who would bring which beverages and snacks.

New Business:  

Ginka:  Shall we set up a date to watch On the Levels? Stephanie mentioned summer is super busy. We can revisit in the fall.

Kelly:  Beer tent volunteers for Jubilee Days? Jessica volunteered. Saturday a.m. July 15th. 10 – noon.

Clinics?  Julie Leiken will be in Laramie for a clinic during July 1, 2 or the weekend before. Cost would be $70 for 50 minutes. She could come to Spur Ridge if there is interest. If interested in riding, please let Ginka know asap.

Connie suggested we could do another educational event with Nell Foxworth’s husband, who is a farrier, focused on equine lameness prevention? We would need to figure out specific costs and the desired focus.

Tom proposed we adjourn at 8:55 p.m. Kelly seconded.

Humbly submitted by Anna Chalfoun ☺

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