On The Bit Meeting – March 2017

Meeting held at the Altitude Chophouse on Tuesday March 7th.

Ginka called meeting to order at 7:22 p.m.

Present were: Ginka, Tom, Kelly, Anna, Connie, Jessica, Stephanie, and Mary Lynn.

Josie Molloy was present for the first part of the meeting to tell us about the Laramie Chamber Business alliance. The basic membership level and non-profit rate is $299 per year. Membership includes the weekly newsletter, and advertisement to the local business community. Discussion ensued about the costs and benefits given that we are a small club. Stephanie suggested we table the decision until the next meeting; Jessica seconded.

Treasurer’s report: Given by Tom. Current balance is $5212. Only spending since last meeting was $25 to the Secretary of State for our Certificate of Good Standing. Kelly moved to accept, Mary Lynn Seconded.

Old Business:

Schooling Show:

Julie Haegen is available to be our judge and Spur Ridge is available for the venue. Jessica posed the following questions: Do we want to set up the show arena in the indoor arena? Do we need both arenas to be off-limits to boarders for the day? Group decided yes to first question, and no to second.

The cost for Spur Ridge for the day is $350 but Spur Ridge will donate $150, leaving a cost to the club of $100. We need to obtain our own event insurance from RMDS.

For Sunday’s clinic participants, there will be a $15 fee to individuals for haul-ins.

Show name will be the “OTB summer schooling show”- motion by Connie, seconded by Anna.

Jessica will be sending out an email to meet to work out details for show planning. Show committee needs to put together a prize list. Stephanie moved to accept all these conditions, and Kelly seconded.

Kentucky Derby Fundraiser:

Stephanie brought sample menus assembled by Altitude which the group decided looked great. Cost of the Wildcatter will be $2,500. We will need an exception to serve the mint julips.

We could also do mint chocolate truffles from the Meteetse Chocolatier for $2/piece.

Anna encouraged discussion about our financial considerations, given that just the venue cost would comprise almost half of our entire club’s budget. Ginka suggested we obtain sponsors in advance to allay costs. But Stephanie indicated that we need more details to provide to sponsors before we can approach them with our event ideas.

We will not be set up to do official betting. But we could do some fun “in-house” betting, and hold raffles.

Anna moved that we move forward with the fundraiser; Connie seconded.

Next steps for the party include: Stephanie will arrange the contract through UW. We decided that a ticket price of $40 a person and $75 per couple sounded reasonable. We need to determine how best to honor/display corporate sponsors. Tom suggested maybe we have about 4 corporate sponsor tables? Kelly suggested we charge $500 for those tables. Ginka asked about invitations. Tom has a designer named Chantalle that he will ask about invitations, which would entail just the cost of paper. We need to make a distribution plan and do a save-the-date posting soon.

Someone suggested that we have a side-display running of Olympic and/or freestyle dressage. Anna will look into the availability and cost of a DVD. We should also have flyers at the event highlighting our club.

Stephanie will make a group in Slack to make sure we are organized and divvy out tasks. We should have the invites printed by April 10.

Dressage Arena:

Ginka learned that the seller had purchased the arena from Somerset Farms in Longmont for $600. Some of the boards and letters are damaged. Ginka showed photos, and the group decided the damage would be too much work to fix and that we should hold off. Connie made a motion to not purchase and Anna seconded. Kelly will ask Cynthie if she plans to sell her arena.

Tack Swap:

Stephanie asked Jessica how much it would cost to have the swap at Spur Ridge, in the lobby and Jessica said she will ask. Stephanie will make a poster ad. Items can be used, for swap or sale, or give-a-way. Items should be clean and in relatively good condition.

Tack swap will be held on April 22, from noon- 4 p.m. Please help spread the word. We can provide coffee and snacks.

New Business:

Educational Ideas:

Stephanie: One idea would be on how to mentally prepare for riding a test.

Anna suggested a focus on colic in horses. Connie will call Irena.

Rocky Mountain Expo:

Will be held the weekend of March 11-12. RMDS will have a booth. Stephanie will email some information about OTB for the booth.


Ginka suggested that maybe we update our webpage with some more personal photos of members riding etc. But Stephanie indicated this might be fairly difficult and photos need to be of sufficient quality. Stephanie also reminded us that our spam filter needs to be updated and costs about $30 per year. Tom moved we purchase, and Connie seconded.

Motion to adjourn by Kelly at 9:19 p.m., Connie seconded.

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