On The Bit Meeting – May 2017

May OTB Meeting Minutes

May 2, 2017

Present: Stephanie, Lexi, JJ, Jessica, Connie, Mary Lynn, Katie, Ginka, Pam, Kelly, Tom.

Meeting called to order at 7:16 p.m.

Ginka read minutes.

Pam moved to accept minutes, Mary Lynn seconded.

Treasurer’s report:

Since the last meeting we spent $500 on Wildcatter deposit, along with some other Derby party costs. We had one new member join. So, the current balance is $4134.09. We upgraded our banking status, so we now have the ability to process credit cards, and we have a debit card as of this Thursday, May 4.

Stephanie moved to approve, Kelly seconded.

Old Business:

Tack Swap:

We had a good turnout, and recruited at least one new member! (Katie). Stephanie suggested doing such events annually/semi-annually.

Schooling show:

Jessica brought a draft of a prize list. There was some discussion of changing the address for the barn to ensure folks navigating using google apps etc. find the location okay. We need to check with Julie to ensure she is okay judging to fourth level. (Flyer now states introductory to third level). Jessica set the opening for show entries three weeks long to give folks a lot of time to send in entries. Stephanie indicated that we need to give printer a few days’ notice if we want to print ride times. Show date is now on the RMDS website. We will do an email blast as well. Jessica would like to have a meeting next week, on Tuesday, May 9th at 7 p.m. for folks interested in serving on the show committee. Anna, Connie, Mary Lynn, Stephanie, and Ginka volunteere for the show committee. Ginka inquired as to whether we should we offer western dressage and gaited tests? Jessica will add western dressage test of choice and gaited tests to the prize list, and confirm with the judge. Julie is currently working on the contract. And Jessica needs to write contract with Spur Ridge. Ginka reminded the group that we need RMDS insurance. Ginka will call Beth to request insurance for the show and the Derby party.

Derby Party:

Stephanie: The RSVPs are currently at 85. Stephanie has to provide Altitude a number of attendees by tomorrow afternoon. Do we want to add on a few? But we would be paying $10 a head for those extras. Tom prepared a document with cost projections. Set up will be 10 a.m. at the Wildcatter. We have all printing done etc. Anna, Jess and Ginka will volunteer to circulate and sell betting cards. Steph proposed 5 beyond rsvp. Pam and other suggested 10. Group settled on 10 beyond RSVP.

Ginka asked the group about continuing our Chamber membership. Anna should forward email blasts to entire membership. This Thursday at Acre company is a business after hours party. Members should attend the after hours parties and talk about our club and what dressage is. Let’s take advantage of our 3 month trial membership. Kelly will look into potential open dates for holding an after-hours. They run from 5:30 to 7. We could give a spiel about club. We can revisit whether to become a long-term chamber meeting at a later date.

Educational Events:

Colic seminar with Irena will be held on Wednesday, June 7th. Cost will be $15 per person. Motion to hold at Spur Ridge by Connie. Members can bring some snacks to share and beverages.

New Business:

Proposal to meet earlier next meeting to fill out a show entry form? 6:30 p.m. June 6th.

Upcoming clinics:

Jessica Greer clinic is canceled (Cheyenne).

Nell Foxworth will be here May 12th Friday for 6-7 rides. 6 already confirmed. Let Steph know asap.

Ride a test Cheyenne May 20th. Info at Cheyenne dressage and eventing website (Jane’s barn). Great venue. There will be the clinic day before.

Symposium on RMDS website:

CO Horse Park, May 20-24th. Any interest in going? Anna should send out an email to Laramie/Cheyenne members to attend for part of it? Nell Foxworth will be riding.

Tom moved to adjourn at 8:51. Kelly seconded.

Post-meeting note:  Please pay attention to website and send Stephanie any suggestions.

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