On The Bit Meeting – October 2016

The October meeting was held at Altitude Chophouse on October 4, 2016 at 7:00.  In attendance were Kelly, Jennifer, Mary Lynne,  Ginka, Anna, Connie, Tammy and Stephanie.  At 7:15 Kelly called the meeting to order.

Stephanie read the September minutes.

Tammy provided the Treasurer’s report.  We currently have a balance of $4,682.64.

Old Business

Post Office Box

Kelly will get a post office box for OTB.  That will make mail consistent and our address will not have to be changed as officers change.  Tammy moved to approve the expenditure.  Ginka seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Recognized Show

Stephanie will try to get together with Heather when her schedule allows.

We also need to understand the timeline and when we have to make a decision by.


Kentucky Derby Party

  • Stephanie emailed with people at Wyoming Downs about working with them for para mutual betting at the event.  She will follow up on progress.

Dancing with the Stars


Jessica contacted Stephanie Soule (as reported by Connie)

Connie contacted Kathy Dusser.  She is $85/lesson, which includes her travel costs.

Mary Lynne suggested we explore a clinic with Jessica Greer

Connie will also check on Petra Warlimont for cost and availability

We will likely have to postpone a clinic until spring because it’s getting too late in the year for most people.

New Business

Officer Nominations/Elections

We accepted nominations for officers.

  • President
    • Ginka – nominated by Jennifer, seconded by Mary Lynne
    • Stephanie – nominated by Tammy, seconded by Anna
      • Stephanie later declined the nomination in favor of being the Communications chair
  • Vice-President
    • Anna – nominated by Connie, seconded by Ginka
      • Anna later declined the nomination in favor of the nomination for Secretary
    • Kelly – nominated by Ginka, seconded by Tammy
  • Treasurer
    • Mary Lynne – nominated by Ginka, seconded by Jennifer
      • Mary Lynne later declined in favor of helping on the clinic and show committees
    • Tom Wolfe – nominated by Kelly, seconded by Tammy
  • Secretary
    • Jessica – nominated by Connie, seconded by Stephanie
      • Jessica later declined in favor of being Show Committee chair

In addition to officer nominations, we took nominations for 3 chair positions

  • Communications Chair
    • Stephanie – nominated by Tammy, seconded by Tammy
  • Show Committee Chair
    • Jessica – nominated by Stephanie, seconded by Connie
  • Clinic Chair
    • Connie – nominated by Tammy, seconded by Anna

Nominations will be open until October 15.  If additional nominations are received, voting will be done electronically via Survey Monkey or in person at the November meeting.  Proxies will be accepted for in person voting.

Board of Governors

Board of Governors will meet in Denver on November 5th.  We are entitled to 3 delegates.  We asked for volunteers.  OTB will reimburse attendees for mileage but would like people to carpool to save on expenses.  Ginka, Kelly, and Stephanie will attend as delegates for OTB.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is November 1st at 7:00.

Tammy moved to adjourn the meeting.  Kelly seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

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