On The Bit Meeting – April 2015

At 7:18 pm, April 7, 2015, President Jessica Ford called the meeting to order.  In attendance was: Jessica Ford, Tammy Au-France, Connie Woodruff, Ginka Kubelka, Mary Lynne Munn, Mary Jung, JJ Contois, Kelly Wolfe, Rachel Andreus, Jennifer Holroyd, and Stephanie Gies.

Old Business

Jessica read the minutes from the March meeting.  Kelly noted that the domain name is paid for 5 years, rather than the one year indicated in the minutes.  Kelly moved to accept the minutes with the correction.  Ginka seconded.  The motion passed.

Tammy gave a Treasurer’s Report.  We currently have $2,406.72 in our account. We received a $500 donation from the Lander Combined Training Group because they have disbanded.  They chose to disseminate their funds to organizations who are continuing their goal of supporting education and learning experiences for other riders, including OTB.  Thank you so much to all of the members of LCTG!

Website Design:

  • The website: www.onthebitdressage.com is live!  It looks awesome, but we need to make a few changes (as expected).
  • We will change the Training tab to say Resources and move the barn information to that page.  We will list all parties interested in being on the Resources page at no charge (we won’t charge $20 like we initially thought).  We are also happy to list trainers in towns outside of Laramie.  We will group information by town to make the page easy to use.  We will provide a designation that indicates if the individual is a member or donor of OTB.
  • The Partners page will be a list of organization links (like it is now).  If there are any links you think should be included, but aren’t, email info@onthebitdressage.com.
  • We will create a Sponsors page to list all individuals and businesses who donate to OTB in a calendar year at a determined threshold level.  Tammy moved that we use a donation level of $250 (in cash, goods, or services) to be listed on the Sponsors page for 2015.  Rachel seconded.   Motion passed.
  • We will use info@onthebitdressage.com for emails for club business.  That email comes to Stephanie as Secretary and is forwarded to the other officers as needed.

Schooling Show:


  • We want to offer prizes to the high point of each division and ribbons to the top 3 in each class.
  • All club members need to help with donations for the show, whether it is something we need for the show (i.e. prizes) or money donations.
  • We prepared a flyer with donation levels for you to use when asking for donations (attached to the email with the minutes).  We have also prepared a spreadsheet with a list of donors/donations.  If your name is on the list, please talk to those businesses and let us know what they’ve agreed to donate.  As donations come in, I will update the spreadsheet and email it out weekly.  If you haven’t volunteered for something, think about the businesses you frequent and ask for a monetary donation, gift card, or physical donation we could use as prizes during the show.


  • The Fair Board meeting is April 13 at 7:30.  Jessica and Kelly will attend the meeting and ask if we can get a discount on the fee because of our non-profit status and because this is our first year doing a show.


  • We need to prepare our ad for a May e-blast with RMDS.  Stephanie will work on that with input from the Schooling Show committee.
  • We will research advertising in the Boomerang classifieds and “Happenings in Laramie” sections.
  • Each member should print 3 flyers (also attached to the email with the minutes) and distribute them to businesses and barns they frequent.  If there’s already a flyer, please find another location for your 3 flyers!  The goal is to get as many flyers out there as possible – even outside of Laramie!

Show Volunteers

  • If you’re thinking of volunteering at our show, there’s a show in Denver April 24-26 that would give you the opportunity to shadow someone doing that job so you can learn and get comfortable.  This is a great opportunity, even if you only go for one day.  If you’re interested and want more information, let us know and we’ll get you what you need.

Preparing to Show

  • Due to scheduling difficulties, our fashion show will be during our regular May meeting.  Members will come to the meeting dressed in various versions of “acceptable” attire – registered and schooling.
  • We will also discuss show etiquette, legal bits, and answer questions anyone has.

On The Levels DVD

  • We will meet Tuesday, May 12th at 5:30 at Kelly’s house to watch On The Levels.  Schedules and conflicts prevented us from all getting together before that.  We will confirm the details at the May meeting, but we discussed having a pot luck with the viewing.


  • Mary Lynn is organizing monthly Working Equitation clinics with Jennifer.  The next clinic is April 25-26 at Snowy Range Arena.  There is room for 6 riders in each session and they believe they’ll have enough interest for a Saturday morning, afternoon, and Sunday morning session. Bring a lunch because Jennifer will lecture about Working Equitation over the lunch hour (for all participants).  Cost is $60/person and $10 of that goes to Snowy Range Arena.  Call Mary Lynn at (307)742-4533 or Jennifer Holroyd at (307) 275-5923 for more information or to sign up.

Tammy moved to adjourn the meeting.  Kelly seconded.  Meeting was adjourned at 9:03 pm.  Next meeting is May 5th at 7:00.

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