On The Bit Meeting – August 2015

We met at Altitude Chophouse on August 4th at 7:00.  In attendance were Jessica, Kelly, Tom, Connie, Jennifer, Anna, Mary, JJ, Tammy, and Stephanie.  At 7:45 the meeting was called to order.  Jessica read the minutes from the July meeting.  Corrections were “Jennifer” should be changed to “Jessica” Nape.  The balance given for the Treasurer’s report did include the donation made.  Tammy moved to accept the minutes with corrections.  Connie 2nd, motion passed.

Tammy gave the Treasurer’s Report.  We currently have a balance of $3621.54 and have 2 new members.

Old Business

Show Locations

Jessica reported that we did not explore show locations or tour potential barns.  Her barn was uprooted in July and everyone was too busy relocating horses and getting established in a new facility to take time to tour potential venues.  She reported that the new indoor arena at the Osbourne facility is large enough to accommodate a full size dressage ring with room for a judge’s table, but we would realistically need to wait until late summer or early fall to hold a show there because at this time there isn’t a second arena to serve as a warm up arena.  The outdoor arena, once completed, will also be large enough for a full size dressage ring and we could then have two arenas for a show.  Osbournes are open to hosting events, but Jessica does not yet know what the rental fees will be.  She will report back to the club at the next meeting with those figures.

Cheyenne Show

Stephanie read Jane Swanhorst’s email from July 27th.  In summary, it provides that they’re June 4-5, 2016 recognized show is scheduled and they are happy to have volunteers or sponsors for that event from OTB.  They are not doing the September 26 schooling show because there isn’t enough member interest and Jane didn’t feel as though she could do the show on her own. Instead, Jane is hosting Jessica Greer (judge and FEI rider) September 26th at her place.  Lessons are $75/ride (see Events for more information).  Jane offered to promote anything we do this fall and offered her facility for schooling.  Tammy moved to invite Jane to our December meeting (so that if the weather is bad, she can come in January) to discuss their June show and what role we could potentially play.  Anna 2nd and motion passed.

Working Equitation

Jennifer thought maybe a clinic would be better than a show and get more participants.  To do a clinic, we need: jump standards and poles, straw bales, cones, pole bending poles, barrels, and various smaller items.  Working Equitation competitions are made up of 3 phases:  dressage, obstacles with precision, and obstacles with speed.  We then discussed maybe doing a 1 day clinic with 2 groups – 6 participants in the morning and 6 in the afternoon, and a ride-a-test event the second day.  We would just do the obstacle portions of the competition rather than all three phases.  After some calculations, we determined that we could do as many as 30 rides (for each phase) and it would take roughly 3 hours in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.  We discussed charging $20/horse + $10 office fee.  We determined that we need a committee chair to head the clinic organization and the consensus was that it needed to be a member who was interested and involved in Working Equitation.  Jennifer volunteered to be the chair.  She will come to the next meeting with an idea of what she would charge as the judge for the ride-a-test day, how much the clinic fee will be (not including the area fee), as well as a list of tasks that need volunteers.  We then discussed dates in September and October that would work for the clinic.  Tammy moved we hold the clinic on October 24-25.  Jennifer 2nd.  Motion passed.

New Business

Jessica asked the group how they would feel about moving to a pot-luck format for our meetings.  A member could volunteer each month to host and prepare the main dish and other members could bring sides, salads, and beverages.  The discussion was positive that this was a more relaxed environment and a way for us to save money on dinner costs.  Jessica offered to host the September meeting at her new apartment (watch the Events page for address and list of things you can bring).

Connie moved to adjourn the meeting.  Kelly 2nd and motion passed.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:54.

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