On The Bit Meeting – February 2015

At 7:20 pm, February 3, 2015, President Jessica Ford called the meeting to order. In attendance was: Stephanie Gies, Amanda Dorrell, Rachel Andreus, Anna Chalfoun, Jennifer Holroyd, Connie Woodruff, Austen Samet, Mary Jung, Kelly Wolfe, Jessica Ford, Tammy Au-France, Mary Lynne Munn, and Ginka Kubelka.

Old Business

Tammy read the minutes from the January meeting. Tammy moved to accept the minutes as read. Anna seconded. The motion passed.

Tammy gave a Treasurer’s Report. We currently have $1,878.28 in our account. We have 29 members. We have received money from 20 and will receive the remaining dues this month from RMDS.

Beth Geier had no idea what the high bid was on our basket, but since we had the top basket, we will receive a free full page ad in The Centaur and a free e-mail blast. This is great advertising for our schooling show. We initially thought the April Centaur would be best for our end of May schooling show, but after discussion it was determined that April is an electronic version so it was decided that the March print version would be a better choice for our print ad. We will use the e-blast in late April or early May. Stephanie will get information and deadlines from Beth and will work on the ad design with the Schooling Show Committee’s input.

Schooling Show:

Members of the Schooling Show Committee: Jessica, Kelly, Tammy, Stephanie, Connie, and Rachel.


Connie and Rachel provided a report on the judge for the Schooling Show. They interviewed 3 perspective judges – Simone Ahern, Julia Polk, and Stephanie Soule – and decided to hire Stephanie Soule from Grand Junction, CO. She is trained in classical dressage, but also qualified to judge western dressage and gaited horses. She is from Virginia and has shown through Prix St-Georges. She was very down-to-earth and personable. She seemed very excited to come to Laramie to judge our show. She charges $300/day plus expenses by receipt. She is also willing to stay and do a clinic on Monday for $50/ride.


  • Hansen arena is available May 31st in case of inclement weather
  • We aren’t sure if we would have to pay to reserve it even if we don’t use it. Premier Bone and Joint is hoping we can use our free day (that we received in exchange for Premier’s donation) in the event we need to pay for the day.
  • The Fairgrounds – We haven’t heard back from Doug but Kelly is still trying to track him down for definitive answers

Test Levels:

Ginka thinks we should offer Intro through 3rd Level, Western Dressage test of choice, and advertise that gaited horses are welcome. We discussed Cowboy Dressage, Western Dressage, and offering Classic Dressage tests in western attire. We engaged in lively discussion on these topics. Mary Lynn moved that we offer dressage Intro through 3rd Level, Western Dressage at all these levels, and that gaited horses are welcome. Ginka amended the motion to indicate that Western Dressage would be test of choice rather than Intro through 3rd Level. Tammy seconded the amended motion. Motion passed.

We decided that we will not have tack vendors, but will have a food vendor. Kelly knows food vendors because of her service on the Laramie Jubilee Days committee and will bring some information to our next meeting.

Website Design:

  • Linden sent the contract. Jessica will email it out to members.
  • Connie would like an ad banner on the side that advertisers could pay to be on
  • Jessica said that there is a Training/Lessons page in the design outline. What are the requirements to be on that page? Do they need to be an OTB member? Is it free to members? We discussed that we thought it should be free to members and that non- members could pay $20 to become a non-competing member and then be listed on the page. This would also help the club because non-competing members count towards our club membership numbers for RMDS. Ginka moved that we put member instructors on the website with their contact information and a disclaimer that it is the individual’s responsibility to investigate instructors. Tammy seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  • We will be responsible for writing the content of the website based on the outline Linden provides us. Stephanie volunteered to take point on writing content with help from Ginka and Kelly.
  • The donation from Linden and Premier Bone and Joint does not include long-term website support. Included is 2 hours of post launch support.

New Business


  • Mary Lynn is organizing monthly Working Equitation clinics with Jennifer. The first clinic is February 21st and 22nd at Snowy Range Arena. There is room for 6 riders in the morning and 6 riders in the afternoon. Bring a lunch because Jennifer will lecture about Working Equitation over the lunch hour (for all participants). Cost is $60/person and $10 of that goes to Snowy Range Arena.
  • Kristi Wysocki’s “Introduction to the New Tests” clinic is February 28th in Longmont. Cost is $40 for RMDS members and $45 for non-members. We are carpooling, so if you’re interested in going, contact Tammy at tammy@au-france.com to see who you can get a ride with. If you’re planning to attend, don’t forget to bring your own chair!

Drill Team 

  • Initial meeting February 15 at 1:00 at Perkins to determine level of interest.

Kelly moved to adjourn the meeting. Ginka seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm. Next meeting is March 3rd at 7:00.

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