On The Bit Meeting – January 2015

At 7:24 pm, January 6, 2015, President Jessica Ford called the meeting to order. In attendance was: Stephanie Gies, Carly Fraysier, Amanda Dorrell, Jennifer Holroyd, Connie Woodruff, Kelly Wolfe, Jessica Ford, Tammy Au-France, Mary Lynne Munn, Mary Jung, Ginka Kubelka, Rachel Andreus, and Anna Chalfoun.

Old Business

Connie moved to accept the minutes from the November meeting. Tammy seconded. The motion passed.

Tammy gave an update on the Board of Governors Meeting, held in Denver, November 15, 2014. All By-laws changes passed and can be found at: http://rmds.org/uploads/Organization/ConstitutionByLaws.pdf.

  • There is a new category – an Education Member (non-competing) who still counts towards our chapter affiliation.
  • Tammy will have our chapter numbers at the next meeting.

In 2015, the Board of Governors Meeting and the Awards Banquet will be separated into two events. The Board of Governors Meeting will be in November with the Awards Banquet in January or February of the following year.

  • An item on a future agenda is stipends for delegates to attend the Board of Governors meeting as meals will no longer be a part of the event.

2015 brings new tests to USDF:

Championships are moving from the Colorado Horse Park to Estes Park for 2015. This will save RMDS a lot of money. Colorado Horse Park sold to a partnership, who are also partners in the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center. See more information at: http://www.chronofhorse.com/article/bellissimo-contract-acquire-colorado-horse-park There isn’t any information on what will happen with the championships after this year.

Tammy provided us with the Treasurer’s Report. We have a current balance of $1,703.24. We raised $195.00 at the raffle during the Christmas Party. Thank you to Connie Woodruff and The Tack Room for donating raffle prizes for our fundraiser. We don’t know how much our basket brought at the Awards Banquet, but Tammy is going to find out and report at the next meeting.

National Western in Denver is planning their new facility. RMDS has a member on the committee working to determine the needs of a new facility. NRHA and AQHA also have members on the committee. The hope is that the new facility will have the space for multiple disciplines, including dressage.

Website Design: 

  • Connie and Kelly met with our web designer – Lindon Marketing Group in Cheyenne. They are the web designer for Premier Bone and Joint and are donating the design work for our website.
  • Premier Bone and Joint is willing to host our website on their servers (thank you Tom and Kelly Wolfe!)
  • Kelly will have templates for us to review at our next meeting. Once we have picked a template, we will establish a committee to work on the content. Kelly will be the chairperson of the committee.

New Business

OTB Schooling Show

  • We discussed dates. Jessica said that she thought May was an ideal month. Cheyenne has a recognized show June 6-7 at LCCC and our show should draw a lot of the same people. The first weekend in May (May 2-3) is fairly open with shows in Castle Rock and Grand Junction. May 30-31 is also fairly open with shows at Colorado Horse Park (Parker, CO) more focused on young horse, young rider.
  • We discussed that scheduling might be easier the end of May so we avoid conflicts with the UW College Rodeo and the increased likelihood of nice weather.
  • Mary Lynne moved we host a schooling show May 30-31. Connie seconded. Motion passed.
  • Jessica will find out about Hansen availability. Discussion about venues indicated our first choice would be the Fairgrounds due to stalling and warm up areas.
  • Rachel moved that we pursue the Fairgrounds as our first choice. Ginka seconded. Motion passed.
  • Kelly had already talked to Dave about the Fairgrounds so she will find out if the last weekend in May is available and what the cost will be.
  • We then discussed a one-day versus a two-day show. The group consensus was that a one-day show would be better based on the attendance at the Greeley fall schooling show some members attended. We also thought it might be easier to get a judge for a single day, rather than an entire weekend, and it would help keep our costs down.
  • Connie moved that we have our Schooling Show on Saturday, May 30th. Ginka seconded the motion. During discussion it was felt that Sunday would be easier for people who work until later Friday and a Sunday show would enable people from farther away to travel Saturday afternoon. Connie amended her motion to reflect that the show be held Sunday, May 31. Ginka seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  • Connie and Rachel will call judges. The group provided input on their preferences. They will determine who is available, what they charge, and will make a decision based on all the factors.
  • Jessica moved that Connie and Rachel can make a decision on a judge without bringing it back to the group. Stephanie seconded. Motion passed.

Drill Team

  • Is there interest in Drill Team?
  • When is it starting?
  • This item was tabled until the February meeting. Working Equitation Clinic
  • Connie wants to host a Working Equitation Clinic this summer – the last week of June or early July.
  • Mary Lynne moved that we pursue this as a club event. Kelly seconded. Motion passed.
  • Connie will work with Jennifer to organize and will provide more information in February.

Jessica moved to adjourn the meeting. Rachel seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 9:04 pm.

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