On The Bit Meeting – July 2015

We met at Mizu Sushi at 7:00 July 7, 2015.  In attendance were Tammy, Jessica, Ginka, Connie, Jessica N, JJ, Kelly, Stephanie, Rachel, Anna, and Mary Lynne.

The meeting was called to order at 7:23.  Jessica read the June minutes.  “Unloved” should be changed to “unlevel” (autocorrect error).  Tammy moved the minutes be accepted with the noted change.  Ginka seconded. Mary Lynne had comments about the schooling show to accompany the minutes.  She would rather see the judge’s trailer as a closed horse trailer rather than a stock trailer and would like the banner on the trailer moved to somewhere else.

Tammy provided the Treasurer’s Report.  We have a current balance of $3621.21.  OTB donated $60 to the Anne Heather Berendsen Memorial Fund and that donation was not reflected in the balance.

Old Business

Dressage Show

We discussed facilities that could be used for our next dressage show.  It was decided that we would explore Osbourne’s new barn and Snowy Range Livestock (west of town) as potential venues and report back at the next meeting.

Working Equitation

Jennifer was not at the meeting and while there was some discussion, the consensus was we needed to table this until the August meeting so we could hear from her.  The discussion was that maybe a clinic would be better than a show because there hasn’t been consistent participation in the clinics.  Another idea was to do a clinic one day and a “ride-a-test” type of event on the second day.  There also might be enough interest for 3 or 4 people to compete as a team at shows in CO.

Windy Wyoming Recognized Horse Trials

The Horse Trials are August 2nd (Sunday) and Jessica said that there was a need for scribes for the dressage portion.  Jennifer Nape volunteered to scribe.

New Business

Cheyenne Schooling Show

Jane Swanhorst-Ringolsby contacted Stephanie through our club email about co-hosting or assisting with a September Schooling Show in Cheyenne.  We discussed the level of involvement we could commit to as a club and decided that we would ask Jane for more information about what she wanted from us.  We decided that we couldn’t commit to putting on a show, but would be happy to send volunteers if that would help.  Stephanie will respond to Jane and report back at the next meeting.

Fall Event

Do we want to do a fall event?  Do we want to do a recognized show next year?  First on the agenda is to find a venue, which we will have more information on in August.  There was discussion about doing a schooling show or ride-a-test in the spring and maybe a recognized show later in the season.

Kelly moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:00.  Tammy 2nd the motion.  The next meeting is August 4th.

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