On The Bit Meeting – June 2015

We met at The Cavalryman restaurant at 7:00 on June 2nd.  In attendance was Jessica, Tammy, Kelly, JJ, Jessica, Jennifer, Rachel, Connie, Ginka, and Stephanie.  Mary joined us part way through the meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 7:24 and Jessica read the minutes from the May meeting.  Ginka moved to approve the minutes as read and Kelly 2nd.  Motion passed.

Tammy read the treasurer’s report.  Our current balance is $3,651.35.  We made $1015.28 on the schooling show and $40 on the clinic after expenses.


Old Business

Schooling Show

Schooling Show Treasurer’s Detail:


  • Some members expressed concerns over the flapping table cloth on the judge’s table.  We discussed what was done to minimize the flapping – Rachel put rocks all along the hem to minimize the flapping and added more throughout the day as the wind picked up.  We discussed that strange things happen all the time at shows and that it’s good to minimize the issues we can, but the purpose of a schooling show is to provide our horses with exposure to the types of “scary” things they could encounter at a recognized show.
  • There was the thought that the judge’s table was too far back into the trailer which resulted in her not being able to see the close corners.  Jessica (who scribed in the morning) told us that the judge moved it back when it was raining and made the decision to leave it for the rest of the show.
  • The judge told us she would have liked more breaks and while we built in smaller breaks between classes, we didn’t denote them as breaks on the schedule.  We will make that change for our next show.
  • The judge also said that it’s ok to take a rain delay, which we didn’t do.
  • The judge also suggested we let her pre-order lunch so that when the lunch break comes she doesn’t waste time waiting for her order – a good suggestion we’ll use at our next show.
  • There was concern over the condition of the Fairgrounds, specifically that there were large rocks in the arena and the arena was very unlevel, the office wasn’t unlocked on Saturday when we got there to set up, the warm up arena was too deep, and they didn’t put anything about the show on the display boards on the highway like they said they would.  Kelly will address these concerns with the Fair Board.
  • We need to provide better education for our volunteers prior to the show.
  • We divided up thank you notes for the volunteers and donors.  If you need information or programs to distribute with your thank you notes (or need additional notes), please let Stephanie know.

New Business

Working Equitation Show

  • Jennifer would like us to host a Working Equitation Show towards the end of the season and we discussed known scheduling challenges, like County and State Fair, other dressage shows members are planning to attend, and the start of school.
  • We determined that we need more information on potential costs before we can make an informed decision as a club.  Jennifer is going to get some judge prices and give us a more detailed report on what is involved in putting on a Working Equitation Clinic.
  • We tabled this item until the July meeting.

Tammy moved to adjourn the meeting and Kelly 2nd.  Motion passed and meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.  Our next meeting is July 7th and we’ll announce the location the week before the meeting via email and Facebook.

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