On The Bit Meeting – March 2015

At 7:15 pm, March 3, 2015, Vice-President Kelly called the meeting to order. Gika seconded. In attendance was: Stephanie Gies, Mary Lynne Munn, Ginka Kubelka, Tammy Au-France, Connie Woodruff, JJ Contois, Kelly Wolfe, Jessica Ford, and Anna Chalfoun.

Jessica has a new phone. Her old one was damaged and she couldn’t transfer any contacts from it. If you have her number, text her your contact information (with your name) so she can add you.

Old Business

Stephanie read the minutes from the February meeting. Tammy moved to accept the minutes as read. Kelly seconded. The motion passed.

Tammy gave a Treasurer’s Report. We currently have $1,958.32 our account. We have 29 members, but money from $28. Tammy will see if she can determine the reason for the discrepancy.

Tammy reported on the purchase of bridal tags for the schooling show. They were on sale so she purchased them. They were the same price as back numbers. Connie moved to reimburse Tammy $36.65 for bridal tags. Ginka seconded. Motion passed.

Website Design: 

  • The executed contract is included with the minutes for all members to review if interested.
  • We want to include Laramie, Cheyenne, and Northern Colorado events. We’ll also include other Wyoming events that make sense.
  • Training Page: members who want to be included in training page need to email me (stephanieanesi@gmail.com) with their contact information – name, phone number. email. If you aren’t an OTB member, we will include you on the training page for a $20/year fee.
  • We decided not to include fees so we aren’t responsible for maintaining accurate information in case fees change and the individual forgets to notify us of the change.
  • Kelly, Ginka, and Stephanie will work on the website content outline Linden sent us and get it to them ASAP. We will have the opportunity to make revisions after we’ve seen the initial design.
  • We will use info@onthebitdressage.com for emails and have the email redirected to the officers (or a designated officer).
  • Tom and Kelly Wolfe paid for the domain name www.onthebitdressage.com as a donation to the club. The club will be responsible for renewal. Thank you again Tom and Kelly for your continued generosity.

On The Levels DVD

  • We had a great group that attended the Introduction to the New Tests clinic with Kristi Wysocki. The format was changed due to the weather and we met in Boulder to watch the On The Levels DVD with Kristi providing comments and critiques of the tests.
  • The members who attended found it very helpful and the consensus was that we should buy the DVD as a club and have a viewing for members who were unable to attend. Ginka wants to buy the DVD and donate it to the club. Thank you Ginka!
  • We will schedule an evening viewing once Ginka has the DVD. All members are welcome. Kelly has offered her house for the event. We discussed having a pot luck of some kind. We will iron out the details at the April meeting.

Preparing to Show

  • Stephanie thought that since we have a lot of members who haven’t shown before, it might be helpful to have a “preparing to show” information and demonstration session.
  • We discussed what should be included and decided we would do a fashion show – we will have outfits appropriate for a registered show and for a schooling show and will discuss the attire that is acceptable for a schooling show that wouldn’t be for a registered show. We will also have a presentation on legal bits and watch some videos on braiding.
  • We scheduled this for Sunday March 15th at 3:00 at Kelly’s house. However, a few members later pointed out that this is the week of spring break. We are working to reschedule so watch your emails for that date.

Schooling Show: 

Members of the Schooling Show Committee: Jessica, Kelly, Tammy, Stephanie, Connie, and Rachel.

Stephanie read the minutes from the schooling show committee.


  • We have to have insurance for the show, but it is available through RMDS. Tammy and Jessica will take care of getting insurance now (it’s less expensive if we get it now rather than waiting until close to the show date)
  • There was discussion of whether we have to have an EMT on site. Stephanie and Jessica will work to determine the answer to that question for the next meeting.


  • All club members need to help with donations for the show, whether it is something we need for the show (i.e. prizes) or money donations.
  • We will prepare a flyer with donation levels for you to use when asking for donations. We will provide that to all members when we provide the spreadsheet for donations. The schooling show committee will meet to discuss donations and work on a spreadsheet for members.
  • Tammy talked to Laramie Shavings and they will donate shavings for us to give or sell to show attendees.
  • Tammy will talk to Star Awards about ribbons and see if they will donate some or all of the ribbons for us. Stephanie moved that Tammy have the authority to determine the number of ribbons and order the style she deems appropriate, with input from the committee. Connie seconded. Motion passed.

Drill Team

  • No one could report on the Drill Team initial meeting.


  • Mary Lynn is organizing monthly Working Equitation clinics with Jennifer. The next clinic is March 21st and 22nd at Snowy Range Arena. There is room for 6 riders in the morning and 6 riders in the afternoon. Bring a lunch because Jennifer will lecture about Working Equitation over the lunch hour (for all participants). Cost is $60/person and $10 of that goes to Snowy Range Arena. Call Mary Lynn at (307)742-4533 or Jennifer Holroyd at (307) 275-5923 for more information or to sign up.

Connie moved to adjourn the meeting. Ginka seconded. Meeting was adjourned at 9:06 pm. Next meeting is April 7th at 7:00.

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