On The Bit Meeting – October 2015

We met at Stephanie Gies’ house on October 6, 2015, at 7:00.  In attendance were Jessica N., Tammy, Jessica F., Kelly, JJ, Ginka, Mary Lynn, Jennifer H., Jane Swanhorst, Grace Hodges, Connie, Rachel, Anna, and Stephanie. At 7:45 the meeting was called to order.  Jessica read the minutes from the September meeting.  Anna noted that Martha’s correct name is Martha Martinez del Rio.  Anna moved to accept the minutes with the correction.  Connie seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

Tammy provided the Treasurer’s report.  We currently have a balance of $3541.72 which reflects the $100 we paid RMDS for our class sponsorship.

Old Business

Banned Substances Clinic

Heather Peterson responded to Stephanie’s inquiry and is happy to do a class/clinic for us for the cost of her travel.  We discussed possible dates and the group consensus is that November might be good.  Stephanie will email and ask her if a Tuesday evening would work for her schedule or if she would prefer a weekend day.  Stephanie will send out an email with additional information once she hears back from Heather.

Additional Clinic/Education Ideas

We asked the club to provide us with additional non-riding educational ideas for the winter months.

  • Kelly suggested a equine first aid clinic and will get more information on who she thinks would be a good instructor and what the associated costs will be.
  • Jennifer H. would like to do a biomechanics clinic.  This would be a look at your horse, how horses move, and give you tools to determine what is happening with your horse.
    • The class would likely take 2-3 hours and we would need a room with a projector
    • More information on costs and potential dates at the next meeting
  • Jennifer would also like to do a human nutrition class in January.  We discussed dates and January 16th is the tentative date for that.  Jennifer will get us more information so we can advertise the class to our members.

Board of Governors Meeting

The Board of Governor’s meeting is Saturday, November 14th at the Denver Stock Show Complex.

We discussed basket ideas for the silent auction.  Mary Lynn suggested things for the horse related to showing and grooming.  Her other idea is for each member to contribute money towards a very nice item, like one of the velvet Kentucky pads at the Tack Room, or a pad/ear cover combo.  The idea would be to make it something nice that people may not have access to or choose to buy for themselves.  Rachel suggested that we should put other small things with it so that it’s more “fun,” which is the point of a basket.  Jessica F. moved that each member contribute $20 or whatever you feel like you can afford.  Drop off your contribution to the Tack Room (or mail them to The Tack Room 1311 S 3rd St. Laramie, WY 82070 – please include a note that it is for the OTB basket).  The Board of Governors meeting and the banquet are different days this year.  The basket is for the January 16, 2016 banquet, so we’d like to have contributions by December 15th to give us time to purchase the items and put the basket together.  Rachel 2nd the motion.  Motion passed.

New Business

2016 Officer Elections

Elections for 2016 officers will be held at our November 3rd meeting.  We will prepare an online voting mechanism (like Survey Monkey) for our out of town members.  If you are interested in nominating someone, please email the nomination to Stephanie at info@onthebitdressage.com.  The deadline for nominations is October 27th.  If you have been nominated, Stephanie will contact you for a brief bio to accompany the online voting form. Online voting will be open from October 30-November 2.  Proxy or in person voting will take place at the meeting on November 3rd.  You must be a member of On The Bit to accept the nomination and have your name placed on the ballot.  If you are not a member and are interested in running, you can now renew your membership for 2016 – just make sure you select On The Bit as your group affiliation.  If you are a member of another RMDS club, you can request that your affiliation be changed to OTB, but you must do that in October.


Anna nominated Stephanie Gies for Secretary and Tammy Au-France for Treasurer.  Tammy nominated Jessica Ford for President.  Ginka nominated Kelly Wolfe for Vice-President.

Ginka will host our November meeting.  Watch for an email with the main dish plans and her address.  We ask that everyone who attends bring a side/dessert/beverage to share.  Kelly will host the holiday party in December.

Thank you to Jane Swanhorst and Grace Hodges for driving over from Cheyenne for our meeting.  We look forward to getting to know you both!

Tammy moved to adjourn the meeting.  Grace seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:35.

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