On The Bit Meeting – September 2015

We met at Jessica Ford’s house on September 8, 2015, at 7:00.  In attendance were Jessica, Kelly, Cinthy Carson, Connie, Anna, Ginka, Beth, Jessica N., and Stephanie.  At 7:45 the meeting was called to order.  Jessica read the minutes from the August meeting.  Stephanie asked about inviting Jane to the December meeting since that’s typically our holiday party.  We decided January would be better.  Stephanie moved to accept the minutes with changes.  Beth 2nd, motion passed.

Tammy was not in attendance so Stephanie gave the Treasurer’s Report in her absence.  We currently have a balance of $3641.63 and have 42 current members.  We have three allotted delegates for the November 10th Board of Governor’s meeting in Denver.  Connie, Stephanie, and Cinthy volunteered to attend.  We also need to do a basket for the silent auction.  Be thinking of theme ideas for the October meeting so we can get started and have more than a week to put it together like Kelly did last year!  Stephanie asked if we were interested in sponsoring a class for Championships.  It costs $50 to sponsor an open class and $100 to sponsor a championship class.  Beth moved we sponsor a championship class.  Anna 2nd. Motion passed.  Stephanie will prepare artwork and email it to Heather Peterson by September 9th.  Tammy will send a check to Heather when she returns from her trip.

Old Business

Working Equitation Show/Clinic

Jennifer was not able to attend the meeting, but gave her thoughts to Connie to share.  Jennifer decided she wants to cancel the club sponsored clinic.  She thinks it should be separate from the club.  Instead she would like to propose to do a biomechanics of the horse clinic.  She will give us more information at our next meeting.

New Business

Clinic Ideas

We discussed some clinic ideas for the winter.  Stephanie suggested we have a TD do a banned substance clinic given the recent publicity of banned substances.  It seems very complicated and a lot of supplements have substances that are banned by USEF.  We will talk to Heather Peterson about who would be good to do an educational clinic of this nature and report back.

If anyone else has ideas about potential clinics (not riding clinics), please bring your ideas with information on what the clinic would entail, who would teach the clinic, and what the cost would be to the October meeting.

Drill Team

Martha Del Rio is a new member and has drill team experience.  She would like to get a team started.  If you’re interested, please either plan to attend the October meeting or let an officer know so we can pass along your interest.

Kristi Wysocki Clinic

We have the opportunity to bring Kristi to Laramie April 30-May 1.  We discussed Kristi’s qualifications and how difficult it is to get her to come to Laramie.  Based on our rough calculations, it would cost between $150-$200 per ride and we need to fill 16 rides to pay our costs.  Cinthy offered the use of her barn for the clinic as a way to keep costs down.  After some animated discussion, it was determined that there was enough interest to fill 16 rides.  Stephanie moved that we host Kristi for a clinic April 30-May 1.  Anna 2nd.  Motion passed.  We will continue to keep you updated on this great opportunity as we get more information.

Officer Nominations

It’s time to start thinking about officers for 2016.  Elections will be held in November.  If you are interested in running, or would like to nominate someone, please email your nomination to info@onthebitdressage.com.  You must be a member of On The Bit to accept the nomination and have your name be placed on the ballot.  If you are not a member and are interested in running, wait until October 1st to do your new membership because then it counts towards your 2016 membership (we don’t want you to have to pay your yearly dues twice).  If you are a member of another RMDS club, you can request that your affiliation be changed to OTB, but you must do that in October.  Ballots will be prepared November 1st for our November 3rd meeting.

Stephanie will host our October meeting.  Watch for an email with the main dish plans and her address.  We ask that everyone who attends bring a side/dessert/beverage to share.  Ginka will host the November meeting, and Kelly will host the holiday party in December.

Kelly moved to adjourn the meeting.  Jessica F. seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:00.

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